World Introvert Month

January is World Introvert Month - 31 days for introverts to celebrate their introversion to get seen, heard, and respected by showing up, being AWESOME, and going home.

"Introversion is not a flaw to fix or an obstacle to overcome. It's an invitation to live deeply and impact greatly." When introverts lean into their introversion, it opens the way for immeasurable impact and influence in big and small ways.

    Humans are multi-faceted

    During January's World Introvert Month, the quiet, the shy, the reserved, and the internally processors of the planet kick off the year honoring themselves and how they lead, support, and impact their world.

    From highlighting celebrity introverts changing the world to taking on challenges to improve our own worlds, we celebrate the AWESOME that is the INTROVERT!

    By, for, and about introverts

    World Introvert Month was founded by the National Center of Intersectional Studies, in conjunction with Awesome Enterprises LLC, to celebrate the multi-faceted lived experiences of introverts around the world.

    World Introvert Month seeks to expand the collective consciousness about introversion and what's possible when the "internal processors" are released to thrive in their own way.

    The time is NOW!

    Like a priceless gem, we introverts are multifaceted and our lived experiences are valuable. Join us on the journey of connecting and co-creating something special for our world - in January and beyond!

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